عملية إنتاج الكرة

2020-06-05 18:18:21

كيفية جعل الكرة الصلب واضعا الكرة؟

إنتاج كرات الفولاذ المقاوم للصدأ

2020-08-11 10:41:02

تتمتع Shandong Dihui بخبرة 30 عامًا في إنتاج كرات الفولاذ المقاوم للصدأ.المنتجات لديها نعومة سطح جيدة وق

Why steel balls broken?

2020-08-22 11:08:31

Steel balls manufacturers may face such a problem, the steel balls break during grinding process.


Shandong Dihui Machinery Technology Co., Ltd (Original name is Shandong YunCheng City Steel Ball Factory) is founded in 1989, which covers an area of 68 acres. It’s a large-scale rolling element manufacturer, with high degree of automation and good product quality.
Shandong Dihui Machinery Technology Co., Ltd is located in Yuncheng City, which is adjacent to NO. 220 national road in the south. Beijing to Hongkong high speed railway and South Shandong high speed railway are crossed here. The geographic position is very good and traffic is much convenient.
 The company has advanced production equipment (including 98pcs cold forging machines, 46pcs vertical 4980 ball mills, 42pcs 4980 ball grinding machines, 56pcs 4780 lapping machines, 4pcs

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